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One-stop enterprise service integrated solution

Service advantages

  • The talent service

    Intelligent optimization
    A senior executive search
    Exclusive service
    With high quality and efficiency

  • Management consulting

    Improve the corporate culture to the future strategic development fit, promote the strategic transformation and landing
    Enhance the compatibility and consistency between corporate culture, business system and organizational capabilities

  • Industrial and commercial tax

    Government approval, professional formal
    Senior team, comprehensive and fast
    Low price, high quality service
    Security and confidentiality, smooth service

  • Intellectual property rights

    The cost of handling zero risk is lower
    The team is more professional with zero errors in handover
    Comprehensive service and high efficient pass rate

  • Advertising media

    Wide spread, not limited by time and space
    Low cost, fast speed, flexible change
    Rapidly improve corporate visibility
    Clinch a deal rate is high, interactive strong

  • Network operations

    The old brand is trustworthy
    Increase website traffic and enquiries throughout the day
    Gold customer service is on call all day, one on one
    More than 500 well-known B2B integrated marketing
    More than 3,000 cooperation cases are guaranteed
    365 days of year-round butler value-added service


About us


Hainan branch of wenchen military general group

Wenchen military general group(ChenVin Group)Industries is a big data technology is used in providing human resources services, intellectual property agency services, industrial and commercial tax service and integrated management of consulting services group co., LTD., founded in 2008, successively established headquarters in guangzhou, hunan, hainan, in shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places of the corresponding set up branches or offices; By 2020, we have successfully cooperated with 3,867 customers, 532 employees, and successfully completed 46,746 project delivery. Wenchen wu general group is well aware of the various demands that enterprises and institutions will meet in the process of development and expansion.

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    Ten years of industry accumulation, independent research and development of unique tools and methods and high-speed and efficient service model

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    Nearly 500 vertical subdivision consultants; Resume + behavior prediction + big data algorithm, improve the efficiency of searching by means of accurate matching + four-dimensional positioning + six-degree searching

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    The SaaS system of talent data is independently developed, and the middle and high-end talent data reserve is more than 10 million, and the network is updated simultaneously

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    Has nearly 30,000 talent search and hunting consulting services around the world successful experience

Brand customers

Hong Kong

The situation of national industrial division is compared temporarily

Customized focus information is based on the actual needs of enterprises, supported by professional databases of civil servants and military officers and research teams, to customize the macro, medium and micro information needed by enterprises, so as to provide professional, rapid and powerful decision-making information support for the development of enterprises

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